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Mother’s Day Celebration

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Mother’s Day flower bouquet and arrangements | Flower Shops in Makati

Send flower bouquets with gifts and goodies this Mothers’ day using our free flower delivery to Makati and Manila Philippines. This coming May 13, 2018 Sunday is Mother’s Day. Last year Mother’s Day was May 14 but still on Sunday. It's still nice to celebrate events and occasion on a Sunday, hopefully ever love body is free to celebrate.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in many ways in different countries and in different cultures. Here in our country, the Philippines, we make sure we celebrate this occasion with family and friends. Our mothers are very special and i believe we do not have to tell you why. We Filipinos are known for having close family ties so I'm sure this coming Sunday mall, restaurants, and other passional will be full of people celebrating the occasion. Mother's Day is officially celebrated on the second Sunday of May. If you check your calendar that will fall on May 13, 2018. It is not a public holiday but celebrating it on a Sunday gives the same feel of a holiday, so it’s quite good enough. It is not a traditional Filipino holiday. The occasion was passed to us or inherited from the Americans during the American Colonial Period.

According to a 2008 article by the Philippine News Agency, in 1921 the Ilocos Norte Federation of Women's Clubs asked to declare the first Monday of December as Mother's Day "to honor these fabulous women who brought forth God's children into this world." In response, Governor-General Charles Yeater issued Circular No. 33 declaring the celebration. In 1937 President Manuel L. Quezon issued Presidential Proclamation No. 213, changing the name of the occasion from "Mother's Day" to "Parent's Day" to address the complaints that there wasn't a "Father's Day". In 1980 President Ferdinand Marcos issued Presidential Proclamation No. 2037 proclaiming the date as both Mother's Day and Father's Day. In 1988 President Corazon Aquino issued Presidential Proclamation No. 266, changing Mother's Day to the second Sunday of May, and Father's Day to the third Sunday of June, discontinuing the traditional date. [112] In 1998 President Joseph Estrada returned both celebrations to the first Monday of December.[111]

Celebration (Special excerpt on Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day)

Again in our country mother’s day is very special. We filipinos celebrate this tradition by a lot of ways. Some celebrate this occasion by first giving flowers and gifts such as Delightful 1 Stem Stargazer, 3pcs Gerberas, with Mums & Carnation in a reusable Box,Luscious 2 Dozen Red Rose with 1 Dozen of Ferrero Rochers Chocolates and mini Panda Stuffed toy in a Reusable Box Box Size 10 x 5 1/2 x 8,Freshly picked Assorted Fruits, 1Dozen Gerbera and mums in a BasketCaptivating Bouquet of 18pcs Pink Rose and 2 smiley Balloon, 2 I Love You Balloon and 2 Happy Birthday Balloon,Lovely Bouquet of 2 Dozen of Imported Ecuadorian Roses,sensational 4 stems of Stargazer with roses in a Reusable Box,Premium 15 Long Stemmed Roses (12 white & 3 red) +Red Ribbon Cake Junior Size+ Handcrafted Greeting Card,Playful Bouquet of One Dozen Blue Roses with Happy Birthday Balloon, I Love You Balloon and 12" Panda Stuffed toy,Dainty Dozen Stem of Lisianthus and 6 Korean Roses in a Vase, Ornamental Dozen Long Stemmed Roses + 1 Dozen of Gerberas

Other ways of celebrating Mother’s Day are the following: First you can take her to the movies. Movies are a great way to spend Mother’s Day. Its affordable, right for your budget and defiantly a good choice. You can never go wrong with dinner. Have a sweet family dinner with the whole family and catch up with family and friends. If you want to be unique a good option is to take her to spa. There are a lot of spa salons and centers that offer couple and group massage. This way bonding with her is even better. Having a few talks while pampering her at the same time. If you have the budget, taking her shopping is the way to go. Well, this is not for everybody but I'm sure others wouldn’t mind splurging a bit during Mother’s Day.


Did you know that the Total amount of money spent on flowers for their mothers on mother’s day is around 1.9 Billion Dollars .The Total amount of money that will be spent for mothers on Mother’s Day is around 20.7 billion US Dollars. the Percent of Mother’s Day gifts bought online is 28.5 %. Finally, did you know that76% of moms would like to receive flowers on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day celebration has been link to religious beliefs and can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They celebrated festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. Their example of motherhood has been a guide to romans and an inspiration to uphold the mothers unconditional love and sacrifice.  Today,the clearest modern precedent for Mother’s Day is the early Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday.”

It is a festival celebrated by Catholic and Protestant Christians in some parts of Europe. It is observed and practiced in many parishes of the Church of England, including many Anglican parishes all over the world, especially in Canada and Australia.

It was Once a major tradition in the United Kingdom and some parts of Europe, it was celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent and was originally described as a time when observers would return to their “mother church” or the main church in the vicinity of their home for a special service.

As time goes by the Mothering Sunday tradition shifted into a more secular or non- religious holiday, and children would give their mothers with flowers, gifts and other tokens of appreciation. This custom eventually faded in popularity so it merged with the American Mother’s Day in the 1930s and 1940s.

Mother’s Day around the world

United states

The Philippines was once a colony of the United States so it is best to describe this events in our article. We obviously inherited mother’s day from them but we won’t be too specific, we just want highlight a few points for the sake of education.

First is Ann Reeves Jarvis of West Virginia. The origins of Mother’s Day as celebrated in the United States date back to the 19th century. In the years before the Civil War, Ann Reeves Jarvis of West Virginia helped start “Mothers’ Day Work Clubs” to teach local women how to properly care for their children

Second is Julia Ward Howe. Another predecessor to Mother’s Day came from the abolitionist and suffragette Julia Ward Howe. In 1870 she wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation,” a campaign that asked mothers to unite in promoting world peace. In 1873 Howe campaigned for a “Mother’s Peace Day” to be celebrated every June 2.

Third is Juliet Calhoun Blakely. She was one of the earlyMother’s Day pioneers. Juliet Calhoun Blakely, a temperance activist who inspired a local Mother’s Day in Albion, Michigan, in the 1870s.

Finally, is the duo of Mary Towles Sasseen and Frank Hering, both worked to organize a Mothers’ Day in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The origins of Mother’s Day in the United States is a bit unclear but is very important in the acceptance of the tradition.

For our friends in the United States who wants to send flowers to some parts of the Philippines and Metro Manila we suggestsending a Bouquet of 6 Roses, 3 Gerberas with Mums and Happy Birthday Balloon

10 Imported brilliantly colored Ecuadorroses with thick stems and baseball-sized blooms and 1 Dozen purple or bluish, large and rounded Lisianthus in a Vase.

Send a Bouquet of 18 Roses composed of 6 red roses, 6 pink roses and 6 white roses.

Perfectly arranged 1 Stem Stargazer, 3pcs Gerberas, with Mums & Carnation in a reusable Box.

A nice combination of 6pcs Gerberas & Carnation in a reusable Box, An Artistic display of 6 Gerberas, 2 Sunflowers and Mums in a Basket,Angelic 2 Dozen of Long Stemmed Roses (1dozen red and 1 dozen white)Rosy Bouquet of 4 Dozen Red Roses with 1 stem Casablanca, Blooming Bouquet of 4 Dozen Red Roses with 1 stem Casablanca, Fresh looking Bouquet of 1 Dozen White Rose, Prosperous Bouquet of 3 Dozen with Assorted Colors of Roses, Charming 15 Long Stemmed Roses (12 white &3reds)+Red Ribbon Cake Junior Size +Handcrafted Greeting Card

For our add-ons, perfect with our flower bouquet and flower arrangements we recommend choosing from our very popular add-ons such as Cakes,Balloons,Stuffed Toys and Chocolates. We recommend sending her

Enchanting Dozen of Yellow Tulips, did you know that Most tulips produce only one flower per stem, 1 Vibrant Dozen of Long Stemmed Blue Roses, a symbol of love and prosperity, with an I love you Balloon and delicious Ferrero Rocher (5s). We also have aromatic Dozen of Long Stemmed Red Roses + 3 Carnations + 1 Russ Bear + 1 Smiley Balloon.  Another excellent choice is our Lovely Dozen gerberas and 2 Stems of Stargazer Lily. Did you know that Gerbera is the fifth most popular flower in the world. Gerbera daisies can mean innocence, purity, and cheerfulness. These large daisy variations come in a number of vibrant colors, and sending them is the perfect way to brighten your mother’s day.


The Chinese agrees that Mother’s Day came from the united states but since they have nothing against the tradition, they celebrate it. It was released in the People's Daily, is is the Chinese government's official newspaper, an article explained that "despite originating in the United States, people in China accept the holiday without hesitation because it is in line with the country's traditional ethics, respect for the elderly and filial piety towards parents.

So Mother's Day is becoming more popular in China. Carnations and flower bouquet and flower arrangement are a very popular Mother's Day gift and the most sold flowers in relation to the day. In 1997 Mother's Day was set as the day to help poor mothers and to remind people of the poor mothers in rural areas such as China's western region.

In recent years, an advocacy was made by the Communist Party member Li Hanqiu. He began to advocate for the official adoption of Mother's Day in memory of Meng Mu, the mother of Mèng Zǐ. He formed a non-governmental organization called Chinese Mothers' Festival Promotion Society, with the support of 100 Confucian scholars and lecturers of ethics. Li and the Society want to replace the Western-style gift of carnations with lilies, which, in ancient times, were planted by Chinese mothers when children left home. Mother's Day remains an unofficial festival, except in a small number of cities.

To our friends and family in china may we suggest the following:

Ravishing Bouquet of 6 Gerberas and 6 Korean Roses, glowing Bouquet of 3 Gerberas, 3 Tulips and 1 Stem of Stargazer LilyDazzling Bouquet of 10 Carnations and 1 Stem of Stargazer Lily, Bright 1 Dozen Gerbera and 2 Stems of Stargazer Lily in a Vase, 3 Ornamental Dozen White Rose in a Reusable BoxEnchanting assorted Fruits, 1Dozen Gerbera and mums in a BasketFruitful 18 Roses and 1 Stem of Stargazer with Fruits in a BasketDelightful Bouquet of 2 Dozens of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates with 3 pink TulipsStylish Bouquet of 1 stem Stargazer, 3pcs Orange Gerbera with Happy Birthday Balloon and Panda 12" in heightSweet 1 Dozen of Yellow Gerberas


In Brazil, much like the Philippines, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. On 12 May 1918, The first Mother's Day in Brazil was promoted by Associação Cristã de Moços de Porto Alegre (Young Men's Christian Association of Porto Alegre) . In 1932, then President Getúlio Vargas made the second Sunday of May the official date for Mother's Day. In 1947, Thanks to Archbishop Jaime de Barros Câmara, Cardinal-Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, because he decided that this holiday would also be included in the official calendar of the Catholic Church

Unfortunately, even with the help of Cardinal-Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro , Mother's Day is not an official holiday , but it is widely observed and generally involves spending time with family and friends and of course giving gifts to one's mother. Because of this, it is considered one of the celebrations most related to consumerism in the country, second only to Christmas Day as the most commercially lucrative and money making holiday.

To feel the Mother’s Day in Brazil please try our mouthwatering Novellino with freshly picked Bouquet of 3 Pink Tulips, oozing basket of Chocolates with colorful Bouquet of 1 Dozen Gerbera with Mums and Alstroemerias, lip-smacking J.Co Donuts with stylish 2 Stems of Stargazer Lily and Yelloween Lily, sensational Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake with a classic dozen of carnations, an irresistable dozen of assorted Krispy Kreme donuts with 4 whimsical Dozen Red Rose in a in a Reusable Box, “I love you” Balloon with heartfelt Bouquet of 1 Dozen Gerbera, luscious Red Ribbon Ultimate Chocolate Cake Regular Size with spectacular Bouquet of 2 Dozens Korean Rose and 1 Dozen Gerbera, comforting box of chocolates with 6 lovely tulips, a famous Arbor Mist with 1 Vibrant Dozen of Long Stemmed Blue Roses,


This Mother’s day the best way to celebrate mother’s day is with family and friends. If you want to make the day special simply go to our site and order.

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