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funeral new 430x200

Funerals are the rituals, ceremonies or service/services fulfilled for a dead person usually before burial or cremation. In this article we shall tell you more about burials. To be precise we shall feature ancient burial practices and rituals. We shall talk about 5 ancient civilizations and how they bury their dead.  Of course we shall also mention a few famous practices that concern flowers and a bit of agriculture. 

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According to history ancient burial practices are well observed by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is generally considered as the cradle of civilization. This is the reason why we would like to start with the Sumerians.  Interesting enough, summer a region in Mesopotamia can be found in the holy bible, book of genesis or creation.

Burial in Mesopotamia began c. 5000 BCE in ancient Sumer where food and tools were interred with the dead. According to the historian Will Durant, "The Sumerians believed in an after-life. But like the Greeks they pictured the other world as a dark abode of miserable shadows, to which all the dead descended indiscriminately” and that the land of the dead was beneath the earth (128). Because of this, it seems, graves were constructed in the ground to provide the deceased with easier access to the nether world.

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Throughout Mesopotamia those who were not royalty were buried below the family home or next to it so that the grave could be regularly maintained. If a person was not buried properly they could return as a ghost to haunt the living. This haunting could take the form familiar from popular ghost stories or films where a disembodied spirit causes problems in the home or, more seriously, as a form of possession in which the spirit entered into the individual through the ear and wreaked havoc on one's personal life and health.

Cremation was uncommon throughout Mesopotamia owing to the scarcity of wood but, even if fuel for a fire had been available, the Mesopotamians believed that the proper place for the souls of the dead was in the nether world of the goddess Ereshkigal and not in the realm of the gods. If one were cremated, it was thought, one's soul ascended sky-ward toward the home of the gods and, as a human soul, would not be at home there. It was far more fitting for one's soul to descend to the underworld with other human souls. In the region of Mesopotamia which came to be known as Babylonia it was believed that the dead “went to a dark and shadowy realm within the bowels of the earth, and none of them saw the light again”. In Babylonia the dead were buried in vaults although, according to the historian will Durant “A few were cremated and their remains were preserved in urns. The dead body was not embalmed, but professional mourners washed and perfumed it, clad it presentably, painted its cheeks, darkened its eyelids, put rings upon its fingers, and provided it with a change of linen.”

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Agriculture and flowers from Sumerian Mesopotamia

The world's first wheat, oats, barley and lentils evolved from wild plants found in Iraq.

Mesopotamia was ideally suited for agriculture. It was flat and treeless. There were lots of sun and no killing frosts and plenty of water from two mighty rivers that flooded every spring, depositing nutrient-rich silt on the already fertile soil.

Major crops included barley, dates, wheat, lentils, peas, beans, olives, pomegranates, grapes, vegetables. Pistachios were grown in royal gardens in Babylonia. 

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Did you know that in western tradition, Mesopotamia was the location of the biblical Garden of Eden and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon which is popular due to its beauty and collection of never seen flowers?

Also, a fun fact, according to history, the first cultivated roses appeared in Asian gardens in ancient Mesopotamia, more than 5,000 years ago. Sargon I, King of the Akkadians (2684-2630 B.C.) brought "vines, figs and rose trees" back from a military expedition beyond the River Tigris

For more information of ancient burial practices please see our foot note. 

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