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Your flower patch
 delivers free flower and gifts to all parts of metro manila. We believe that we are one of the best flower shops in Metro Manila and that is because we have everything from a single flower, to flower arrangements plus a gift of your choice. For flowers we have 8 different kinds and variations. You can choose from rosestulipscarnations flowersmixed flowerssun flowersLisianthus, liliesgerberas and a lot more.

For charming flower arrangements we have 9 types, starting from a Vase Arrangementbouquet Flower ArrangementInauguralFerrero Rocher ArrangementFruit Basket , Basket ArrangementFuneral / SympathyArrangement With Add-onBox Arrangement to standing types.

Now for occasions, it’s not just Valentine’s Day. If you want to say “thank you”, you can choose from 28 arrangements with your choice of gift. In fact we have a whole article just for our “thank you” flowers and elegant arrangements.

Here are a few of our “thank you flower arrangements” FP-B333 Bouquet of 2 Dozen Red Roses price at 2,295.00, FP-B301 Bouquet of 1 Dozens of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and 6pcs blue rose price at 1,795.00,FP-B244 Bouquet of 6 Blue Roses with 1 Stem Casablanca Lily price at 3,595.00,FP-B258 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Gerberas with Mums and Alstroemerias price at 2,195.00 and FP-B292 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Pink Roses with 3 "ILoveYou" Balloons price at 1,995.00

If it’s a birthday you can select your desired tasteful flower arrangement and pair it with the perfect cake of your choice.. Our cakes are all special. Our flavours are from Red Ribbon Double Deck Cake,Red Ribbon Cappuccino Creme, Red Ribbon Chocolate Indulgence, Red Ribbon Chocolate Mousse, Red Ribbon Peach Mango Symphony Cake, Red Ribbon Tiramisu Meltdown and Red Ribbon Ube Cake. Feast your eyes with these handsome arrangements.

You will be surprise that we have an “im sorry” flower arrangement. In fact we have 77 arrangements just for this occasion or requirement. To make your apology more heart felt we have the perfect balloon that will convey your message. You can now say sorry as many times as you want with these forgivable flower arrangements FP-B298 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Pink Roses and 1 Dozen Fererro Rocher Chocolates price at 2,595.00, FP-B238 2Bouquet of 6 Gerberas and 6 Korean Roses price at 2,395.00,FP-B294 Bouquet of 1 dozen Bangkok rose, 6 pcs yellow Gerbera and 4 Stem of Sun Flowers price at 4,995.00,FP-B229 Bouquet of 2 Dozen Ferrero Rocher Chocolates with 3 Tulips price at 2,995.00 and. FP-B195 Bouquet of 3 Red Roses and 1 Stem Stargazer Lily with Russ Bear price at 1,795.00

We also believe that we are one of the best flower shops in the Philippines. The reason behind this is because we offer good quality flowers in metro manila, classy design arrangements and gifts for any occasion. We do our best to help our customers enhance and nurture their relationships through flowers and gifts delivered fresh and on time. We do our best to provide exceptional customer service by customizing your orders based on personal preference. At the end of the day we do our best to meet the needs and expectations of our valued customers.

In addition, Fresh quality, vibrant, full of life, beautiful and amazing arrangements of flowers with free flower delivery in metro manila and the Philippines daily. This is how we will send what is in your heart, this is our creed. This is our guarantee.

 Again we are so happy to mention that we have a wide variety of the finest flowers, all handpicked and happily arranged by flower delivery Philippines. All are just waiting to be sent to cheer and touch that loved one.  To make that gift extra special, we have balloons with customized text messages, cute and huggable stuff toys, sweet and yummy chocolate goodies and cakes with personal messages to complete your special person’s day.

We are indeed flower shops in metro manila. We have the master piece to match that occasion or celebration in metro manila. From mother’s day to new born babies, we are your trusted florist, we are your flower patch, we are here to surprise and make that very special day unforgettable. For mother’s day, you may see these fine examples that will definitely leave a smile on your mother’s heart.

FP-V34 3 Tulips and 1 Stem of Stargazer Lily in a Vase price at 2,795.00, FP-B295 Bouquet of 1 stems Stargazer, 3pcs Orange Gerbera with Happy Birthday Balloon and Panda 12" in height price at 2,495.00, FP-B263 Bouquet of 1 Dozen White Roses with Hoodie Bear price at 2,495.00, FP-B297 Bouquet of Mixed Flowers 3 Stem sunflowers, 1 stem stargazer, 6pcs Gerbera, 6pcs roses, 3pcs Carnation and mums price at 4,695.00 and FP-B231 Bouquet of 6 Korean Roses price at 2,195.00

Now for our new born baby arrangements we have these cutifull and cuddly inspirations.

Fruit Basket G Basket Arrangement of 6 Gerberas and Mums with I Love You Balloon (1pc.), Get Well Soon Balloon (1pc.), Mangos (2pcs.), Red Apples (2pcs.), Oranges (2pcs.), Papaya (1pc.), Pineapple (1pc.), Grapes (3/4 kilo) and a Cluster of Bananas at 2,795.00, Fruit Basket F Basket Arrangement of 5 Sunflowers, 6 Gerberas and 2 Casablanca Lily with Red Apples (6pcs.), Green Apples (6pcs.), Oranges (6pcs.), Pears (6pcs.) and Grapes (3/4 kilo) price at 6,195.00, FP-V53 1 Dozen Tulip in a Vase price at 3,895.00, FP-B271 Bouquet of 10 Gerberas price at 1,795.00 and FP-V37 4 Dozen Roses in a Vase price at 5,295.00

Again we are your flower shop in metro manila. We’ll do our best to make every day, any day and special days, special occasion, more beautiful, memorable and enjoyable., we send whats in your heart! Order now online



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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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