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ty new Say thank you by sending flowers, gifts and toys with free flower delivery. You can easily get thank you flowers by ordering online at flower shops in Makati. 

Say thank you in more ways than 1. You can easily choose by flower, by arrangement, by occasion and more. Choose from our vast and beautiful flower collection and flower arrangements. You can say thank you with gifts such as cakeschocolates, toys and balloons. Our flowers are perfect for saying thank you and based on our years of experience, it is a great and wonderful sign of appreciation.

Order and pay on line now. We accept all visa and master credit cards including PayPal and American express.  We are one of the best flower shops in the Philippines with free flower delivery in Makati and Metro Manila.

Fresh, quality, vibrant and amazing arrangements of flowers with free delivery in the Philippines daily. 

Thank you Flowers and more.

Send thank you flowers with an I love you by sending FP-V68 3 Sunflowers in a Vase price at 1,595.00, FP-B258 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Gerberas with Mums and Alstroemerias price at 2,595.00, FP-B304 Bouquet of 4 Dozen of bright Red Roses with 1 fresh stem Casablanca price at 6,295.00, FP-B207 1 Dozen of delicious Ferrero Rocher Chocolates with 6 blooming Red Roses price at 1,995.00, FP-B177 Bouquet of 6 Spray Carnations, 6 Roses and 4 Gerberas with Snap Dragon Flowers price at 3,295.00, FP-B257 Bouquet of 9 Blue Roses with Hoodie Bear price at 2,195.00,FP-V49 3 Dozens of beautiful Red Roses in a Vase price at 4,695.00, FP-B224 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Pink Roses and 6 White Tulips price at 3,25.00, FP-B249 1 Dozen of Bright Rose and 2 Dozens of delicious Ferrero Roche price at 3,395.00 and FP-B92 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Red Roses and 1 Stem Casablanca Lily price at 2,395.00

Thank you flowers that means you really appreciate it are FP-B290 Bouquet of 2 Elegant Dozens Korean Rose and 1 Dozen of Dazzling Gerbera price at 4,495.00, FP-B301 Bouquet of 1 Dozens of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and 6pcs blue roses price at 1,995.00, FP-B240 Bouquet of 18 White Roses price at 2,595.00, FP-B231 Bouquet of 6 Korean Roses price at 1,095.00, FP-B220 Bouquet of 6 Carnations price at 1,195.00, FP-B268 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Enchanting Rose (6 red and 6 white), "Happy Anniversary" Balloon and Ferrero Rocher 16s price at 2,395.00, FP-B268 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Roses, "Happy Anniversary" Balloon and Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 16s price at 2,395.00, FP-B246 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Tulips price at 3,695.00, FP-B259 Bouquet of 6 Yellow Bangkok Roses price at 1,395.00 and FP-B239 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Fresh-cut Red Rose price at 1,695.00

Thank you flowers that say I miss you are FP-B233 Bouquet of 2 Dozens of Gauzy Imported Ecuadorian Roses price at 9,995.00, FP-B224 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Pink Roses and 6 White Tulips price at 3,295.00, FP-B209 6 Long Stemmed Glowing Red Roses +1 Puppy Stuffed Toy price at 1,895.00, FP-B195 Bouquet of 3 Red Roses and 1 Stem Stargazer Lily with Russ Bear price at 1,795.00, FP-B183 Bouquet of 6 White Roses price at 1,1095.00, FP-B180 6 Long Stemmed Kissable Red Roses price at 1,095.00, FP-B174 6 Long Stemmed Lavish Red Roses price at 1,095.00, FP-B171 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Orange Gerberas price at 1,795.00, FP-B165 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Gerberas with 2 Stems Stargazer Lily price at 3,195.00 and FP-B156 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Blue Roses price at 1,695.00

Thank you flowers that suggest you made it happen are FP-B164 15 Long Stemmed Magnificent Roses (12 white and 3 red) + Handcrafted Greeting Card price at 1,995.00, FP-B146 Bouquet of 18 Pink Roses price at 1,495.00, FP-B134 Bouquet of 6 Carnations price at 1,195.00, FP-B138 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Korean Roses price at 1,695.00, FP-B129 1 Dozen of Long Stemmed Nature's finest Red Roses + Russ Bear price at 1,995.00, FP-B119 1 Dozen of Long Stemmed Ornamental Red Roses price at 1,695.00, FP-B115 3 Dozen of Long Stemmed Pleasant Red Roses price at 4,495.00 and FP-B80 6 Long Stemmed Prosperous Red Roses price at 1,095.00

Thank you flowers for all occasion are FP-B297 Bouquet of Radiant Mixed Flowers 3 Stem sunflowers, 1 stem stargazer, 6pcs Gerbera, 6pcs roses, 3pcs Carnation and mums price at 4,695.00, FP-B266 Bouquet of 3 Sunflowers price at 1,395.00, FP-B200 Bouquet of 6 Pink Gerberas price at 1,195.00, Fruit Basket D Basket Arrangement of 9 Roses with Red Apples (2pcs.), Oranges (2pcs.), Pears (2pcs.), Pineapple (1pc.), Papaya (1pc.), Grapes (3/4 kilo) and a cluster of Bananas price at 2,695.00, FP-B264 1 Dozen Sensational Yellow Imported Bangkok Rose price at 2,595.00, FP-B263 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Soft White Rose with Pink Hoodie Bear price at 2,495.00, FP-B290 Bouquet of 2 Dozens Stunning Korean Rose and 1 Dozen Sweet Gerbera price at 4,495.00, FP-B291 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Tender Gerbera, 3 Timeless Sunflowers with Unique Mums price at 3,195.00, FP-B294 Bouquet of 1 dozen Vigorous Bangkok rose, 6 pcs Wonderful yellow Gerbera and 4 Stem of Sun Flowers price at 4,995.00 and FP-B226 Bouquet of 3 glorious Gerberas and 1 silky Stargazer Lily price at 1,595.00

Did you know that?

Dictionaries describe thank you as a polite expression used when people acknowledge a gift, a favor, a service or compliment, or accepting or refusing an offer. Common Examples and use are "thank you for your help.”, “thank you for the gift and flowers” or simply “Thank you.”

The phrase “Thank you” can be used for telling someone that you are grateful or “thankful” for something that they have said or performed. Just like “thank you for your kindness”. Clearly the person saying thank you is simply showing appreciation over the gesture or kindness. In this particular example “the stuffed toy with pretty flowers that you delivered was great.” “Thank you Sir! It is our pleasure”.  

“Thank you “is used for politely or nicely accepting something that is offered to you. An example is 

“Would you like to have a balloon with your fresh and pretty flowers?” “Oh, thank you, that would be fantastic.”

Sometimes saying thank you is used with “no” or a negative, it is for politely refusing something that is offered to you. Example is “Would you like us to deliver your flowers and gifts ahead of time” “No, thank you. It’s a surprise”

Once in a while used at the end of a sentence and not at the beginning saying thank you can be used. An example is for telling someone firmly that you do not require something. “Thank you, but I would rather order online for the flowers and gifts.”

There are many Ways of saying thank you. First is “Thanks a lot or Thank you very much for the flowers”. This is the most usual way of saying thank you for the flowers. When flowers and gifts are delivered, they usually say “How very nice of you”. 

It is the most formal way of saying thank you. Also, often used when refusing an invitation. Next is “Great service, you are a life saver / I owe you one “. This is an informal way of saying thank you, used when someone has helped you in a difficult situation such as emergency or short notice orders and delivery which your flower patch greatly considers. “Thanks a bunch for the flowers “this is used when someone has helped you. “You’re too kind” used for saying thank you in a way that sounds polite but is not completely sincere

“I’d like to thank for the prompt delivery…" used when making a formal address or gratitude. Saying something similar to “Many thanks “ is a formal way of saying thank you, used in letters, correspondence and emails.