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mothers day2 new Its Mother's Day Again! Sunday, May 8 2016 is a perfect day to celebrate mother's day. Most family members are at home, some maybe at work; other family members are at play. Now the best way to get them all together is to celebrate mother’s day. To help you out on your festivities we have created warm and beautiful flower Arrangements just for that very specially day.

Our flowers, from the best of the flower shops in Makati, are guaranteed fresh and crisp. Our flower arrangements are unique and amazing. Not only do we have mother’s day flowers, we also have mother’s day gifts such as cakeschocolatesballoons and other goodies available on our online flower shop in Makati ecommerce site.

We offer free flower delivery in the Philippines. So if you want to send flowers to your mothers in Makati, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Marikina, San Juan, Manila, Pateros, Taguig, Quezon City, Paranaque, Cainta Rizal ,Taytay Rizal ,Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela, Fairview, Novaliches, Las Piñas and Muntinlupa, its free. You don’t need to worry. Just fill up our order form and complete the details as requested and we shall do the rest. Take note of requested information such as land marks and time of delivery. This will help us be on time. 

Just make that order and will be there. We have same day delivery within Metro Manila and our store hours are from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. But please confirm your orders as to instances that we change delivery date and schedule due to prior commitments and orders. For Metro Manila areas, we offer same day delivery and our daily cut off is within 1pm. If you make your order at around 2pm onwards it will be scheduled for the next day or the day you wish for delivery. Please take note of this information as not to disrupt your plans.

Now, as you all know we have hundreds of flower arrangements and gifts ready for ordering. We have a lot of suggestions if ever you want one.  Your Flower Patch makes it a point to create new ones for your most discriminating taste. We know that your heart wants something new that’s fit for the occasion. To start with let us present our latest additions for mother’s dayFP-V46, 11 Dozen Stem of Lisianthus in a Vase Price at 3,895.00, FP-B336, Bouquet of 6 Gerberas, 1 Stem Stargazer Lily with Statice Price at 1,195.00, FP-B266, Bouquet of 3 Sunflowers Price at 1,395.00, FP-V68, 3 Sunflowers in a Vase Price at 1,595.00, Fruit Basket A Basket Arrangement of 6 Gerberas with Mangos (2pcs.), Apples (3pcs.), Oranges (3pcs.), Pears (3pcs.), Grapes (3/4 kilo) and a cluster of Bananas Price at 2,595.00, FP-V50, 4 Stems of Unblemished Stargazer Lily in a vase, Price at 2,995.00, FP-B156, Bouquet of 1 Dozen Blue Roses Price at 1,695.00, FP-B96, Bouquet of 6 Orange Gerberas and 1 Stem Casablanca Lily Price at 1,895.00, FP-B238, 2Bouquet of 6 Gerberas and 6 Korean Roses Price at 1,795.00, FP-B297, Bouquet of Mesmerizing Mixed Flowers 3 Stem Sunflowers, 1 Stem Stargazer, 6pcs Gerbera, 6pcs Roses, 3pcs Carnation and Mums, Price at 4,695.00, FP-B302 1 Dozen Bangkok RosesBouquet of 6 Roses, 3 Gerberas with Mums and Happy Birthday Balloon Price at 2,095.00 and FP-B264, B1 Dozen Bangkok Roses Price at 2,595.00.

For our classic flower arrangements, we suggest FP-B262, Bouquet of 1 Dozen of Garden Fresh Carnation, Price at 1,795.00, FP-B259 Bouquet of 6 Glowing Yellow Imported Bangkok Roses, Price at 1,395.00, FP-V37, 5 Dozen Fresh Roses in a Vase, Price at 5,295.00, FP-V30, 6 Tulips in a Vase, Price at 2,095.00, FP-B295, Bouquet of 1 Stem Stargazer Lily, 3 Orange Gerberas with Happy Birthday Balloon and Panda Stuffed Toy Price at 2,495.00, FP-BK25, 3For New Born Baby Girl 15 Pink Roses, 1 Hoodie Bear (pink) and "It's a Girl" Balloon in a Basket Price at 3,095.00, FP-B238, Bouquet of 6 Unblemished Gerberas and 6 Korean Roses, Price at 1,795.00, FP-B231, Bouquet of 6 lovely Korean Roses, Price at 1,095.00, FP-B226, Bouquet of 3 Natural Gerberas and 1 Stargazer Lily, Price at 1,595.00 and FP-B193, 2 Dozen of Mesmerizing Gerberas, Price at 3,095.00.

We also have our all time favorites. You can choose from, FP-B298, Bouquet of One Dozen Blooming Pink Rose and One Dozen Delicious Ferrero, Price at 2,595.00, FP-B290, Bouquet of 2 Dozens Bright Korean Rose and 1 Dozen Gerbera, Price at 4,595.00, FP-V59, 10 Imported Fresh Ecuador Roses and 1 Dozen Lisianthus in a Vase, Price at 7,895.00, FP-V47, 1 Dozen Mesmerizing Gerbera and 6 Tulips in a Vase, Price at 3,595.00, FP-B239, Bouquet of 1 Dozen lovely Red Rose, Price at 1,695.00, FP-B228, Bouquet of 1 Dozen Glowing Gerbera and 2 Stems of Stargazer Lily, Price at 3,195.00, FP-B213, Bouquet of 4 Stems of Garden Fresh Casablanca Lily, Price at 2,795.00, FP-B212, Bouquet of 3 Dozens of Blooming Assorted Colors of Roses, Price at 4,495.00, FP-B135, 2 Stems of Invigorating Stargazer Lily and Yelloween Lily, Price at 2,795.00 and FB-B106, Bouquet of 6 Orange Tulips Price at 1,895.00.

For more information please call us at our contact information.

To all mother’s out there, happy mother’s day from We send what’s in your heart.