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valentines1 new Roses are one of the most popular gifts during Valentine’s Day. Did you know that 224 million is the estimated number of roses grown for Valentine's Day? Additionally, 51% is the percentage of people who buy red roses for Valentine’s Day. So if you’re one of those who are waiting for a red rose, planning to buy a red rose or you just happen to like red roses then flower shops in Makati is just the place for you. We have a number of creations made fresh, stunning and definitely tasteful. Not only are those bouquets having add-on which can be delivered free with in metro manila (free flower delivery within metro manila and other locations). You can choose from signature cakes, branded chocolatesballoons with messages and cute and huggable stuffed toys

Just like what I have said, let me start you with our Arrangements of White Roses and Ferrero Rochers Chocolates in a Reusable Box. Also there are (FP-B177) 6 Natural Spray Carnations, 6 Long Stemmed Pink Roses, 4 Gerberas priced at ₱ 3,295.00, (FP-B200) Bouquet of 6 Pink Gerberas priced at ₱ 1,195.00, (FP-B212) Bouquet of 3 Dozens of Assorted Colors of Blooming Roses priced at ₱ 4,495.00, (FP-BX1) 12 Red Roses with 12pcs. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates in a Paper Box priced at ₱ 2,295.00, (FP-B04) Bouquet of 24 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates priced at ₱ 1,995.00, (FP-BX18) 12 Red Roses with 9pcs. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates in a Paper Box priced at ₱ 2,195.00, and a lot more.

If you want plain roses we strongly suggest (FP-BX8) 36 Red Roses with Mini Panda Stuffed Toy in a Paper Box priced at ₱ 4,795.00 or other examples such as (FP-BX2) 24 Red Roses with Mums in a Paper Box priced at ₱ 3,795.00, (FP-BX5) 18 Korean Roses with 9pcs. Ferreo Rocher Chocolates in a Paper Box priced at ₱ 3,095.00, (FP-V45) 2 Dozens of Crisp Pink Roses in a Vase priced at ₱ 4,695.00, (FP-B246) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Tulips priced at ₱ 3,695.00, (FP-B270) Bouquet of 2 Dozen of Modern Roses (1 dozen pink and 1 dozen white) priced at ₱ 2,295.00, (FP-B258) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Gerberas with Mums and Alstroemerias priced at ₱ 2,195.00 and (FP-B167) 2 Dozen of Fresh, Long Stemmed Roses (1dozen red and 1 dozen white) priced at ₱ 2,995.00.

Finally, what is important is that you remembered that very special someone during Valentine’s Day.  You may call us anytime for any questions and suggestions. Remember we send what's in your heart.