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valentines newWe know that you have been wondering what was the spending behavior of buyers, especially Filipino buyers during Valentine’s Day. Last year most purchases were estimated to reach $18.9 billion for the US alone. Unfortunately during the creation of this article no information is available for the Philippines.  Valentine’s Day retail spending which was forecasted to reach a record $18.9 billion last 2015, should also be a reflection of the Filipino buying behavior since the Philippines has said to have grown its economy at 5.7%. This was not the actual estimate but according to IMF  “The growth estimate for 2015 was revised down to 5.7 percent from 6 percent, reflecting growth outturns to the third quarter and weaker global growth performance,” IMF Resident Representative Shanaka Jayanath Peiris.

According to him as well "The Philippines growth outlook remains one of the strongest in the region" . . . They expect the Philippine economy to continue growing strongly as they retained its 2017 projection at 6.5 percent. So based on statistics what is the best gift for Valentine’s Day. Did you know that $52.2 million was spent for Flowers?  Almost 55 percent of women and 52 percent of men tends to buy candy for their Valentine’s Day gift, while more than 61 percent of guys plan to get flowers. So statistically speaking you better buy a flower with add on gifts to be safe. We suggest checking out our lovely packages for more information. You may click on our valentine's flowers and gifts specials any time. 

Here at home, Flowers are sold for twice as much and even more the day before Valentine's Day at different flower markets. Last year a dozen roses grown locally, Philippines, with earlier price of P350 was sold for P800 at Sampaloc's Dangwa Flower Market. Dangwa is well known for its cheaper prices for fresh flowers because this is where flowers from different provinces in the Philippines are sold wholesale.  Dangwa market is mostly composed of small vendors along Dos Castillas Street. It is a common choice for buyers not only for Valentine's Day but for every flower needs such as weddings, birth days, Holy Week, Mother's Day and All Saints' Day.

Again last 2015, each piece of flower from Benguet and Cagayan provinces was bought or sold for P50 to P70. Imported flowers, however, are sold much higher and are affected by taxes, importation fees, port congestion and of course high demand.

For example Long-stemmed roses imported from China, were priced P1,200 per bouquet during valentine’s day. The same bundle was previously priced at only P600 before Valentine’s Day. Carnation bouquets were sold for P180 while Malaysian mums were sold along the price range of P400 to P500 a dozen.



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