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valentines2 new This valentine’s day make your love ones feel the season of love by sending them fresh flowers with an add on gift from chocolates, cakes and stuff toys. The best thing is that delivery is free with in metro manila. To beat the valentine rush order now or make advance reservations to make sure that day is well planned.

To help you plan that very romantic day we have created lovely, fun, romantic and of course affordable Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts and packages.  Just like last year's Valentine’s Day we try our best to surprise you and make that most awaited day super special.  Compared to last year we have upgraded our flower packages and gifts. From last year’s teddy bear to cakes, balloons and specialty doughnuts. 

To start with please try our (FP-B295). Bouquet of 1 Stem Stargazer Lily, 3 Orange Gerberas with Happy Birthday Balloon and Panda Stuffed Toy priced at ₱ 2,495.00 this gift has flowers, a balloon and a Bear. We also have a Bouquet of 1 Dozen of Red Roses, 3 Gerberas and Soft Bear Stuffed Toy. It’s a bit pricey but it’s worth it. We have adorable bundles like Bao Bao Panda priced at ₱ 3,995.00, COTTON CANDY TEDDY BEAR  priced at ₱ 2,495.00, TOBBY BEAR priced at ₱ 2,895.00, SCARF BEAR priced at ₱ 1,595.00, and OREO THE BABY PANDA priced at ₱ 250.00. If you want flower bundled with bears here are (FP-B302) Bouquet of 6 Roses, 3 Gerberas with Mums and Happy Birthday Balloon priced at ₱ 2,095.00, (FR-B03) Bouquet of 24 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates priced at ₱ 1,995.00, (FP-B216) Bouquet of 2 Dozen Gerberas priced at ₱ 3,095.00, (FP-BX8) 36 Red Roses with Mini Panda Stuffed Toy in a Paper Box priced at ₱ 4,795.00, (FP-B243) Bouquet of 6 Crisp Blue Roses with Blue Hoodie Bear priced at ₱ 1,895.00, (FP-B96) Bouquet of 6 Orange Gerberas and 1 Stem Casablanca Lily priced at ₱ 1,895.00, (FP-B123) 1 Dozen of Long Stemmed Invigorating Red Roses + 3 Carnations + 1 Russ Bear + 1 Smiley Balloon priced at ₱ 2,695.00,  (FP-B129) 6 Long Stemmed Garden Fresh Red Roses + Patch Bear priced at ₱ 1,995.00 and (FP-B137) 3 Gorgeous Tulips + White Russ Bear priced at ₱ 1,595.00.

If your sweet heart has a sweet tooth we have just the thing. Send him/her a bouquet of flowers with chocolate. If you want to make your gift stand out or I should say stand and float above we suggest a Bouquet of 6 Yellow Tulips, 12 Blue Roses with I love you Balloon and Ferrero Rocher (5s). But if you want a classic bouquet with balloons, we suggest bouquets such as (FP-B329) Bouquet of 6 Roses, 6 Gerberas, 6 Spray Carnations with Snap Dragon Flowers, 2 Smiley, 2 Happy Birthday and 2 Iloveyou Balloons priced at ₱ 3,595.00, (FP-B295) Bouquet of 1 stem Invigorating Stargazer, 3pcs Orange Gerbera with Happy Birthday Balloon and Panda 12" in height priced at ₱ 2,695.00, (FP-B257) Bouquet of 9 Blue Roses with Hoodie Bear priced at ₱ 2,195.00, (FP-B1833) Bouquet of 6 White Roses priced at ₱ 1,095.00, (FP-B337) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Red Roses with 6 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and "Happy Anniversary" Balloon priced at ₱ 2,195.00, (FP-B245) Bouquet of 6 White Roses with Ferrero Rocher Chocolates(16s) priced at ₱ 1,695.00, (FP-B116) 6 Invigorating White Tulips, 12 Blue Roses with Iloveyou Balloon and Ferrero Rocher (5s) priced at ₱ 3,575.00 and many more.

For the Korean inspired lovers we suggest the imported (Bouquet of 1 Dozen Korean Rose). We suggest this to add excitement and a little role playing, if you really like imported flower may we suggest a Bouquet of 6 Yellow Imported Bangkok Roses.

For anniversaries we also have the fresh and lovely bouquet of 3 Blue Roses with Happy Anniversary Balloon and Puppy Stuffed Toy. We also like to recommend the Bouquet of 1 Dozen Rose (6 red and 6 white), "Happy Anniversary" Balloon and Ferrero Rocher 16s. Your anniversary gift will be one of a kind. It’s complete with flowerschocolates and more importantly, the happy anniversary balloon. Now for the birthday celebrants who happen to have their birthdays during valentines season we highly recommend our Bouquet of 1 stem Stargazer, 3pcs Orange Gerbera with Happy Birthday Balloon and Panda 12" in height.

We also created gifts for those of you with the exceptional and exclusive taste. Let me start with (FP-B233) Bouquet of 2 Dozens of Imported Crisp Ecuadorian Roses priced at ₱ 9,995.00, (FP-V59) 10 Imported Glowing Ecuador Roses and 1 Dozen Lisianthus in a Vase priced at ₱ 7,895.00, (FP-B290) Bouquet of 2 Dozens Modern Korean Rose and 1 Dozen Gerbera priced ₱ 4,495.00, (FP-V37) 5 Dozen Fresh Roses in a Vase priced at ₱ 5,295.00, (FP-B216) Bouquet of 2 Dozen Gerberas priced at ₱ 3,095.00, (FP-V45) 3 Dozen Pink Roses in a Vase priced at ₱ 4,695.00 and (FP-B115) Bouquet of 3 Dozens Red Roses priced at ₱ 4,495.00 and many more.