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flower sea games 2 new

In behalf of the management, staff and crew of “flower shop in makati” we congratulate all participants in the 2019 sea games. Specially to the philippines for winning 149 fold medals and a total of 387 Medals. As the games colncluded, today december 11, 2019, the Philippines accumulated 149 Gold medals, 117 silver medals and 121 bronze models. Congratulation as well to Vietnam for placing 2nd in the overall champion having 98 gold medals. They accumulated a total of 288 medals. 98 gold medals, 85 silver medals and 105 bronze medals. Also congratulations to Thailand for having a total of 318 medals. 92 gold, 103 silver and 123 bronze. This 2019 30th sea games, there were 11 countries that joined namely of course the philippines, vietnam, singapore, malaysia,brunei, cambodia, indonesia, Lao, myan mar,timor leste and thailand. Their medal tally are as follows:

Philippines accumulated 149 Gold Medals, 117 Silver Medals and 121 Bronze Medals with the total of 387 Medals. Vietnam got 98 Gold Medals, 85 Silver Medals and 105 Bronze Medals total of 288 Medals, Thailand accumulated 92 Gold Medals, 103 Silver Medals and 105 Bronze Medals for a total of 288 Medals with a total of 318 Medals. Indonesia got 72 Gold Medals, 84 Silver Medals and 111 Bronze Medals the total they got are 267 Medals. Malaysia accumulated 55 Gold Medals, 58 Silver Medals and 71 Bronze Medals with a total of 184 Medals. Singapore got 53 Gold Medals, 46 Silver Medals and 68 Bronze Medals for a total of 167 Medals, Myanmar got 4 Gold Medals, 18 Silver Medals and 51 Bronze Medals a total of 73 Medals, Cambodia also got 4 Gold Medals, 6 Silver Medals and 36 Bronze Medals a total of 46 Medals. Brunei Darussalam accumulated 2 Gold Medals, 5 Silver and 6 Bronze for a total of 13 Medals, Lao PDR got 1 Gold Medal, 5 Silver and 29 Bronze, a total of 35 Medals and last but not the least Timor Leste got 1 Silver Medals and 5 Bronze a total of 6 Medals

We are so proud of our country and athletes because our country garnered an all time high of 149 fold medals. This is a big come compared to the 2017 Kuala Lumpur Games winning only 24 gold medals.

From our nation sport, the arnins, our athletes generated a total of 14 gold medals. This is the most number of medals from any team from the Philippines contingent.

From gymnastics, Carlos Yulo contributed the most number of medals as an individual fiipino athlete in the 2019 30th sea games with 2 gold medals and 5 silvers. He win awards with a total of P3.2 million worth of cash incentive.

The competition was divided into 3 sports category. Category 1 is the compulsory sports having aquatics and athletics. Category 2 is olympic and asian games. Which are team sports, combat sports and individual sports. Finally Category 3 is regional and new sports.

One of our favorite sport basketball belongs to category 2 olympic and asian sports as well as boxing but in combat sports.

Again congratulations to all!

For flowers and arrangements we suggest the following flowers perfect for winners and their gold medals.

(FP-B125) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Lovely Yellow Gerbera priced at 1,995, (FP-BK24) 1 Dozen Fresh Gerbera with "It's a boy" Balloon in a Basket priced at 2,095, (FP-B90) Bouquet of 6 Timeless Sunflowers priced at 2,795, (FP-B315) Bouquet of 6 Long-stem Sunflowers with Beautiful Alstromerias priced at 2,995, (FP-B361) Bouquet of 3 Vibrant Sunflowers priced 1,595, (FP-B266) Bouquet of 3 Sensational Sunflowers priced at 1,595, (FP-B259) Bouquet of 6 Young Yellow Imported Bangkok Roses priced at 1,595, (FP-B347) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Freshly Picked Yellow Roses priced at 2,595, (FP-B331) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Graceful Tulips priced at 3,795, (FP-V30) 6 Enchanting Yellow Tulips in a Vase priced at 2,095.


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