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Valentines day is around the corner so we are updating are article to keep you upto speed with our latest flower arrangements, promos, gifts and more. So celebrate love and romance this Valentine’s Day. Send flowers to that very special person today.

Valentine’s Day is very romantic.. Celebration of the valentines is best expressed together with a bouquet of roses delivered specially by your friendly flower shops in Makati florist. Amaze her now, this Friday February 14 2020. Valentine’s Day. We have our latest flower arrangements specifically released for valentines day. . We also have the perfect gift, such as cute stuffed toy or mouthwatering chocolates, with a message of love to complete that special day.  Although you cant beat the classics from our previous aritlcle Valentine’s Day Flowers at Flower shops in Makati. Adding gifts, chocolates and addons is another exciting gift idea.

Speaking of the classics, let start with 4 Dozen Roses in a Vase, . Perfect for offices and homes or just conveniently placed on top of her table as your love one stares endlessly with eyes full of passion and enthusiasm We also have artistic arrangements like 1 Dozen Pink Rose with Mums in a Basket that is also a heartwarming gift this valentine’s day.

We are very much excited this coming Valentine’s Day. Its obviously around the corner, PAGAASA predicts that the cold spell in Luzon will last until the third week of February due to the northeast monsoon or amihan with that cold breeze from the north winds. You can read here.PAGASA Cool Air. So love is definitely in the air. It’s like romance is everywhere.  Even us florist cannot help to be excited and we eagerly wait this season due to that mushy feeling it brings. We are very happy knowing that our arrangements could bring people closer to each other

Sending red roses is a traditional way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. As your trusted florist we offer a wide range of personal and breath taking combinations of gifts such as sending 1 Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses, 1 Blue Hoodie Bear, plus and to top it off, 1 “ I Love You Balloon “ that we will deliver for you on that special day .

We have a bounty of mesmerizing request on Valentine’s Day. One of the classics roses with a valentine cards a poem or a song.

Here are some of the classics that we lovingly recommend:

"Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze."

"Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning."

"Your flaws are perfect for the heart that's meant to love you."

Did you know that according to statistics 73% of men buy flowers for valentines? You don’t have to worry; we can beat the Valentine’s Day rush. We will help you make that romantic day happen. Did you know that 15 % of women send flowers to themselves on Valentine’s Day? As your friendly florist she doesn’t have to feel alone and empty, give us a call and well send what is in your heart.

As part of our Valentine’s Day observations, did you know that 6 million is the number of people who expect or are planning a marriage proposal during Valentine’s Day? As an addition did you know that 53 % of women will end their relationship if they didn’t get something for Valentine’s Day? Finally as a friendly note did you know that 90%, this is the percentage of men and women who are saying “ sex is an important part of Valentine's Day.”

Sending Flowers during Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers. Its more than that, is saying I love you to a treasured friend. Sending a Bouquet of 1 Dozen Red Rose with a Life-size Teddy Bear to your daughter will lift her heart. Your daughter will have a huggable friend when she sleeps and she’ll never be alone especially not on that Valentine’s Day. Don’t you forget your mother or Lola who will surely appreciate that bouquet of roses?

Make that order now, call or order online and we shall delivery your flowers on selected locations. Flower shops in Makati we send what is in your heart.

And with the numerous request and message of love that our customers.

Here are some of our latest flower arrangements.

Roses Arrangements

For Roses Arrangements we have (FP-B62) Bouquet of 15 Beautiful Red Roses priced at 3,695, (FP-B67) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Long-lasting Red Roses priced at 3,395, (FP-B80) Bouquet of 6 Freshly picked Red Roses priced at 1,995, (FP-B115) Bouquet of 3 Dozen Vibrant Red Roses priced at 6,995 and (FP-B136) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Elegant Pink Roses priced at 3,395.

Imported Roses Arrangements

For Imported Roses Arrangements we have (FP-B105) Bouquet of 3 Gorgeous Ecuadorian Roses priced at 2,495, (FP-B233) Bouquet of 2 Dozens of Garden Fresh Imported Ecuadorian Roses priced at 14, 695, (FP-B259) Bouquet of 6 Extravagant Yellow Imported Bangkok Roses priced at 2,895, (FP-B358) Bouquet of 6 Heavenly Ecuadorian Roses priced at 4,695 and (FP-B347) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Modern Yellow Roses priced at 4,395

Mixed Flowers Arrangements

For Mixed Flowers Arrangements we have (FP-B336) Bouquet of 6 Gerberas, 1 Stem Stargazer Lily with Statice priced at 2,995, (FP-B346) Bouquet of 2 Dozen Roses and 2 Stems of Yelloween Lily priced at 6,595, (FP-B60) Bouquet of 6 Carnations and 9 Gerberas priced at 3,495, (FP-B92) 1 Dozen Red Rose and 1 Stem of Casablanca Lily priced at 3,995 and (FP-B74) Bouquet of 2 Stargazers and 6 Gerberas priced at 3,795

Tulips Arrangements:

For Tulips Arrangements we have (FP-B150) Bouquet of 6 Pretty tulips priced at 2,895, (FP-B194) Bouquet of 6 Orange Tulips priced at 2,895, (FP-B246) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Tulips priced at 4,495, (FP-B335) Bouquet of 2 Dozen Tulips priced at 7,795 and (FP-B372) Bouquet of 6 Tulips priced at 2,895

Lilies Arrangements:

For Lilies Arrangements we have (FP-B106) Bouquet of 4 Stems of Pretty Stargazer Lily priced at 3,795, (FP-B135) Bouquet of 2 Stems of Long-lasting Stargazer Lily and 2 Stems of Radiant Yelloween Lily priced at 3,795, (FP-B213) Bouquet of 4 Stems of Precious Casablanca Lily priced at 3,795 and (FP-B217) Bouquet of 6 Stems of Sensational Stargazer Lily priced at 4,995

Gerberas Arrangements:

For Gerberas Arrangements we have (FP-B91) Bouquet of 6 Young Orange and Yellow Gerberas priced at 1,895, (FP-B171) 1 Dozen Beautiful  Orange Gerberas priced at 3,195, (FP-B193) Bouquet of 2 Dozens of Lovely Gerberas priced at 4,595, (FP-B200) Bouquet of 6 Pink Timeless Gerberas priced at 1,895 and (FP-B311) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Vibrant Gerberas priced 3,195.

Carnations Arrangements:

For Carnations Arrangements we have (FP-B54) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Vibrant Pink Carnations priced at 3,195, (FP-B134) Bouquet of 6 Beautiful Carnations priced at 1,895, (FP-B205) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Magnificent Carnations priced at 3,195, (FP-B351) Bouquet of 18 Romantic Pink Carnations priced at  3,795 and (FP-B352)  Bouquet of 6 Lovely Pink Carnations priced at 1,895.

Lisianthus Arrangements:

For Lisianthus Arrangements we have (FP-B312) 1 Dozen Stems of Enchanting Lisianthus priced at 4,595.


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