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Pastel Pink Periwinkle and White Salons Back to Business Landscape Poster

No need to go out and buy flowers personally just to surprise your special someone, here at we can deliver it to you or your loved ones in the comfort of their own home or in their office, we covered any arrangements from birthday, anniversaries, valentine's day and other more occasions. Here are the top 5 flower arrangements that most of our previous clients purchase amidst this COVID-19 pandemic.


1. FP-B227 Bouquet of 3 Pink Tulips priced at 1,395.00 

fp b227 new fb


2. (FP-B224) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Roses and 6 Tulips priced at 3,595.00

fp b224 new


3.  (FP-B368) Bouquet of 6 Gerberas priced at 1,295.00

fp b368 new fb 07 07


4. (FP-B336) Bouquet of 6 Gerberas, 1 Stem Stargazer Lily with Statice priced at 1,995.00

fp b336 new b fb


5. (FP-B156) Bouquet of 1 Dozen Blue Roses priced at 1,895.00

fp b156 new fb