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We do send, what is in your heart, we invite you to try our surprisingly free, flower delivery and gift, this Father’s day. This Sunday June 21 2015 is father’s day. It is one of days of the year, that we get a chance to honor all the fathers in the world. So surprise your loving fathers this father’s day by sending him a nice strapping and manly flower together with exciting gifts an goodies.

You can surprise your beloved father by sending him a Bouquet of 6 Blue Roses with 1 Stem of Casablanca Lilyplus exciting gifts of your choice. Delivered free by one of the best flower shops in Makati.

You can send different gifts with heartfelt greeting cards specially designed for father’s day , you can choose from four main gifts such as chocolateballoonsstuff toys and cakes. We suggest to completely surprise him by sending him such wonderful gifts accompanied by fresh and inventive father’s day flowers. We suggest 1 Dozen Stem of Lisianthus and 6 Korean Roses in a Vase. The combination of a strong blue Lisianthus and a fresh orange Korean rose combines a fathers resolve and affectionate heart.

Our father’s day flowers are specifically designed to warm your father’s heart. Also, you can choose from a hundred of flower arrangements that can be delivered free with a matching gift and greeting card. Did you know that according to statistic 80% of men will appreciate flowers for father’s day? Polls on magazines conducted to find out men’s preference on gifts, specifically flowers resulted in 49% men’s approval on receiving flowers as gift.

We know how special our fathers are and we cannot imagine letting father’s day past by without father’s day gifts and father's day flowers. We suggest sending him a happy father’s day balloon together with a Bouquet of 6 Blue Roses with 1 Stem of Casablanca Lily. Did you know that majority of men likes the color blue? Also As far as the symbolic meaning of Casablanca Lily is concerned, it reveals celebration. Unlike other flowers that are associated with more than one meaning, Casablanca is unique with a single accepted meaning. The blue rose is also associated with accomplishing the impossible, fighting all odds, and new beginnings.

While your dad is busy at work, why not sending him a father’s day teddy bear  and 6 Long Stemmed Blue Roses with a special greeting card saying “Thank you for everything dad. Your hard work and perseverance will always be an inspiration to me”.

During dinner, Daddy’s Father’s day will be a fun celebration if you surprised him with a father’s day gift such as a red ribbon chocolate cake with a special father’s day message such as “ We love you dad, take a break you deserve it” together with a nice surprise of 3 dozens of red roses. These means passion, love, respect, courage, and congratulations. Also In China, it symbolizes happiness.

For all mothers and wives who truly like to surprise their respective love one, may we suggest a Bouquet of 6 Korean Roses and a Stuffed puppy. Who doesn’t love puppies? Or we also would like you to check our Bouquet of 9 Blue Roses with Hoodie Bear. This product symbolizes strength and love. It is also one of our best sellers during father’s day. If you feel that your PAPA is hard to please, may we suggest  Bouquet of 9 Blue Roses with Hoodie Bear. these are examples of our complete combinations.

Finally, here in yourflowerpatch.com, Father’s day is always a special day because we send what is in your heart. You can keep it simple and happy by sending 1 Dozen of Long Stemmed Blue Roses. Masculine brave and against all odds.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


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