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Holiday Flowers? No, not the colorful ones that sit on the dining room table, waiting for the cat to nibble upon? These are ultra-gourmet cannabis flowers. The kind that we smoke for good health and good cheer for your holiday repast. And for considerate gift-giving!

Here are a list of some, in my opinion of course, of the best holiday flowers *and concentrates* for all your holiday gifting pleasures, including yourself!

I’ve tasted quite a few amazing cannabis flowers over the past year. Some of these exceeded my expectations, but for different reasons. Usually my tastes run towards outdoor grown cannabis, but after two amazing trips to Denver, my thoughts have changed just a little bit. Perhaps it was the “High Mountain Air” that changed my mind about indoor-grown cannabis? I’m not entirely sure, but the concentrates that I discovered in Colorado are most certainly, “World Class” and need to be spoken of.

After the Hall of Flowers, I paid much closer attention to California-Grown!

Kush Masters- Kush means the finest cannabis in my view and Kush Masters are consistently charming my palate (and lungs) with their ultra-gourmet approach to cannabis concentrates. This means dabbing. What is dabbing? Ask your teenager, that’s what they do to get stoned these days.

As Thanksgiving approaches, plenty of attention is directed to the food that will be served, but there's something that can make the tables stand out. Using flowers as a centerpiece can add a nice touch as families and friends gather to celebrate the holiday.

The weather might be getting colder, but that doesn't pt many limits on the type of flowers to choose for arrangements, said Marilyn Kaper, an owner of Cedar Lake Florist & Gifts. “There are many that we use for the fall and Thanksgiving holiday,” Kaper said.

Lotus pods, thistle, Chinese lanterns, bittersweet, kangaroo paws, hydrangea, spray roses, sunflowers, fall mums, protea, orchids and amaryllis are among the options for Thanksgiving arrangements, Kaper said. There also are plenty of finishing touches that can be added to arrangements to make them even more eye catching.

“Dried accents like oak leaves, cattails, wheat, curly willow branches are all great natural accents you can add to really make fresh floral arrangements unique and pop,” said Jen Knoche, floral director at Strack & Van Til. Kaper said pheasant feathers, gourds and miniature pumpkins are some other options to consider for floral centerpieces.

A florist has revealed her tips and tricks for making your flowers last twice as long - and it will save you a fortune on cut blooms in the future. Chikako Shiraki, from White Tree Floral in Auckland, believes the secret to doubling the life of cut flowers is simple, and all you need to do is replace all the water and rinse out the vase every day.

Chikako said it's a good idea to trim the bottom of the stems before you first put them in a vase, and then repeat this around every two to three days. 'You can tell the difference so easily when you replace the water each day, because you will get a week to 10 days more life out of your flowers,' she told Stuff.

'People say "I'm so busy", but really what's a minute? Just do it. If you look after your cut flowers you get much better value.' Chikako also believes if your cut flowers are starting to droop, you can instantly perk them up by chopping a reasonable amount off the stem. 'For flowers with a long, thin stem, it's like us trying to drink water through a very long, skinny straw – it's actually quite difficult,' she offered as reasoning for this.

By cutting them a little, you're making it easier for the flowers to access water. Speaking to FEMAIL, veteran Sydney-based florist and the author of Blooming Personalities, Mercedes Sarmini, shared her secrets to making flowers last longer - and how she stops them from going brown.

They brighten a room and honor special occasions, but the florals from Pink and Posey in Kirkland aren’t found in nature. They bloom out of owner Quynh Nguyen's imagination. "I just love spreading the joy of paper flowers,” she said. Pink and Posey is a paper florist. Nguyen handmakes crepe paper bouquets for events, teaches workshops, and sells DIY kits for home crafters.

And the quality of her blooms may change your perception of fake flowers. "My mom laughed at me because back when she was young - I'm from Vietnam - and she said growing up, people that were poor would make paper flowers for their wedding because they couldn't afford to have fresh flowers,” she said. “And now, it's the complete reverse."

From bridal bouquets to interior design, it's a budding trend. Faux flowers have been featured by luxury label Hermes, and Nordstrom used them to celebrate the beginning of Spring. Pink and Posey’s kits include European crepe paper, wires, tape, and how-to instructions for making flowers like Juliet roses, peonies, ranunculus - even Pacific Northwest beer hops.

When Emalee Long stopped at the Bloom Flower Shop to pick up a floral arrangement for her mother, she didn't realize she would also gain a career. Shop owner Sara Lake encouraged Long to create the arrangement herself. Long enjoyed it so much that she opted to purchase the store at 355 S. Broadway St., which will open soon as Blush & Roses Flower Shop.

Long, who graduated from Estacada High School earlier this year, will host a soft opening on Friday, Nov. 1, and a grand opening on Saturday, Nov. 9. "It's been exciting to watch everything come together," she said. "It's come so far in a short time." Long's favorite flowers to work with are sunflowers, and she's eager to share her creations with customers.

"It will be great looking back and seeing that I made that, and knowing someone will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together," she said. Along with flowers, the space will also be home to Naughty and Nice leather earrings and hats, Moonstruck Chocolates, decorative signs and Lake's card classes.


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