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inagural new 430x200 Bonifacio day is a holiday dated November 30, 2017 Thursday. It was declared by our sitting president, Rodrigo roa Duterte with proclamation no 50. This is the declaration of all holidays and non working days for the year 2017.  Bonifacio Day became a holiday when the Philippine Legislature passed Act No. 2946, declaring November 30 of every year as a national holiday for the commemoration of the birth of Gat Andrés Bonifacio who started the Philippine revolution in 1896 to overthrow the Spanish colonial government on the islands. The holiday was first instituted with a decree and signed by American Governor-General to the Philippines Francis Burton Harrison in 1921.

Why is Bonifacio a Hero?

Andrew Bonifacio is the Father of the Katipunan. He is also known as the Father of the Revolution and Philippine Democracy. He is The “Supremo” or “Ang Supremo” and The Great Plebeian. Plebeian means a member of the lower social classes or of belonging to the commoners of ancient Rome in the earlier times.

On the 10th of May 1897, Procopio and Andres were shot at Mount Nagpatong, near Mount Buntis in Maragondon, Cavite. Procopio was a Philippine independence activist and revolutionary during the Philippine Revolution of 1896 against Spain. Let’s add a little information about Procopio who was with his brother until the end. He was a member of the secret revolutionary society turned revolutionary government Katipunan with his other siblings Circa and Espiridiona. His eldest brother Andrés Bonifacio was one of the founders and, eventually, president of the Katipunan. This tragic event was the obvious end to the short life of the Supremo.  His educational attainment and military expertise may not have been equal to that of other heroes but his dedication to the country was without question, pure.  Andrew Bonifacio will always be idolized and will forever serve as the battle cry of Filipinos who seek freedom from oppression and an inspiration to fight injustice.

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How is Bonifacio Day Celebrated?

Bonifacio Day is a national Holiday. This national holiday means anyone who does work on this day, Bonifacio Day, is still entitled to pay. Keyword here is entitled so not everyone will get holiday pay.

Schools and most businesses will be closed for the day, but shops, restaurants and malls remain open. Some people may take the time to mark Bonifacio's legacy by visiting monuments dedicated to Bonifacio.

Well in addition most activists perform demonstrations in the vicinity of the Bonifacio monument or in Monumento Caloocan which is a very popular location in manila Philippines.

This day became a holiday in 1921 when the Philippine Legislature passed Act No. 2946.

For information about holiday pay please see


Andres Bonifacio was born on November 30, 1863 in a small hut at Calle Azcarraga, presently known as Claro M. Recto Avenue in Tondo, Manila.  His parents were Santiago Bonifacio and Catalina de Castro. Andres was the eldest in a brood of five.  His other siblings were Ciriaco, Procopio, Troadio, Esperidiona and Maxima.  He obtained his basic education through a certain Guillermo Osmeña of Cebu.  The Bonifacio family was orphaned when Andres was barely fourteen.  With this, Andres assumed the responsibility of raising his younger siblings. In order to support the needs of their family, he maximized his skills in making crafts and sold paper fans and canes.  He also worked as messenger in Fleming & Company.  Eventually, he moved to Fressel & Company, where he worked as warehouse man until 1896.  Poverty never hindered Andres’ thirst for knowledge.  He devoted most of his time reading books while trying to improve his knowledge in the Spanish and Tagalog language.  The warehouse of Fressel & Company served as his library and study room.

Andres was married to Gregoria de Jesus who happened to be his second wife.  His first wife – Monica- died of leprosy a year after their marriage.  Gregoria was only sixteen years old and Andres was twenty-nine when their romance sprung.  At first, Gregoria’s parents were against their relationship, but in time, allowed the couple to be married in Catholic rites. The two were married in 1892, both in Catholic and Katipunan rites.  Gregoria chose “Lakambini” as her nom de guerre.

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      On July 7, 1892, the Kataastaasan, Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan was founded in the house of Deodato Arellano at 734 Calle El Cano cor. Azcarraga.  Membership was through blood compact symbolizing the foundation of the secret society, which aimed the separation of the Philippines from Spain and the expulsion of the Spaniards in the country.  The first Supremo of the Katipunan was Deodato Arellano, followed by Roman Basa and finally, Andres Bonifacio.

     In 1893, women were given the chance to join the organization.  The first members were Gregoria de Jesus, Josefa Rizal, Marina Dizon and Angelica Lopez.  They served as the keepers of important and confidential documents of the Katipunan and staged galas as fronts for the regular meetings of the male members.  By 1894, the Katipunan spread throughout Manila.

      In order to strengthen and further widen the operations of the organization, the Kalayaan, the official organ of the Katipunan was published with Emilio Jacinto as editor.   Two works of Bonifacio were published in the  Kalayaan– “Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa” and “Ang Dapat Mabatid ng mga Tagalog.”


      An important meeting held on 3 May 1896 concluded with a plan to rescue Rizal from Dapitan to lead the revolution.  The task was assigned to Dr. Pio Valenzuela.  Unfortunately, Rizal expressed his opposition to the idea of launching an unprepared revolution against a strong nation protected by well-armed defense force. In the end, he urged that if the revolution is inevitable, the revolutionary members should seek the help of the rich and influential people to convince them to support the cause of the revolution.  He also suggested that the service of Antonio Luna be secured by the organization because of his military expertise and affiliation with rich and influential Filipinos.

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      The quarrel between two employees of the printing shop publishing Diario de Manila resulted in the discovery of Katipunan.  This happened after Apolonio dela Cruz was given a P2 raise in salary and Teodoro Patiño was not given any.  A heated argument sparked between them which led Patiño to confide the secrets of the Katipunan to his sister Honoria at the convent where she was staying, her tearful reaction attracted the attention of one of the nuns. The nun in turn, persuaded Patiño to tell everything he knew to Fr. Mariano Gil, the parish priest of Tondo.  After hearing the revelations, Fr. Gil contacted the authorities and urged them to raid the printing shop.  Documents, oaths signed in blood, receipts and ledgers related to Katipunan were confiscated from the shop.

Sad End of A Hero 


     As a result of the fateful experiences he encountered in Cavite, Bonifacio planned to return to Montalban and San Mateo.  On their way to Montalban, he and his followers passed by Limbon, Indang – a place in Cavite where food was scarce and people were tightfisted. At this point, Severino de las Alas turned his back against Bonifacio. The angered Bonifacio responded with threats and words that were wrongly interpreted by the people of Indang.  The people sought the help of Aguinaldo, who immediately ordered the arrest of Bonifacio.

      On 27 April 1897, skirmishes took place between the forces of Bonifacio and Aguinaldo.  In the said scuffle, Ciriaco was killed, while Procopio and the Supremo were caught. Andres Bonifacio was stabbed in the neck, weakening him and soaking him in blood.

    The next day, the prisoners were brought to Indang Tribunal, then to Naic.  Within the day, Gen. Mariano Noriel created the tribunal that eventually tried and convicted the Bonifacio brothers of sedition, and sentenced them to death. Surprised by the decision of the tribunal, Aguinaldo commutated the verdict.  He recommended the Bonifacio brothers be exiled to an isolated island also found in Cavite.  However, Gen. Noriel and Gen. Pio del Pilar dissuaded him, arguing that by reducing the sentence, the Revolutionary Government of the Philippines would once again be at stake.  Aguinaldo, in the end, changed his mind and signed the death sentence of the Bonifacio brothers.

      On 10 May 1897, Procopio and Andres were shot at Mount Nagpatong, near Mount Buntis in Maragondon, Cavite. This event ended the short life of the Supremo.  His educational attainment and military expertise may not have been equal to that of other heroes but his love for the country was absolute.  His name will always be revered and serve as the battle cry of Filipinos who yearn for freedom oppression and injustice.

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Latest information, Media and Internet

In celebration of Andres Bonifacio as a national hero a movie was created headed or featured by no less than Robin padilla. The title is Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo.

Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo (lit. "Bonifacio: The First President") is a 2014 Philippine historical action drama film centering on the life of Katipunanrevolutionary Andres Bonifacio.It is an official entry to the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival.

The film begins with the execution of GomBurZa in 1872. The story then flashes forward to the present day where high school students Joaquin (Daniel Padilla), Andrea (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), and Gary (RJ Padilla) visit Museo ng Katipunan.

Flashback: On July 3, 1892, Dr. Jose Rizal (Jericho Rosales) brings together La Liga Filipina, a peaceful reform movement that aims to unite all Filipinos and give them one voice. One of its members is Andres Bonifacio (Robin Padilla), who is currently supporting his siblings, as both their parents died due to illness. Rizal is later arrested after the Spanish authorities uncover the organization. Bonifacio then decides to form the Katipunan to lead a revolution against the Spanish colonizers.

With the help of his friend Teodoro Plata, he meets Gregoria de Jesús (Vina Morales), who is also known as Oriang. Bonifacio visits the church, meeting Oriang again. She knows that he joined a group of Masons and is not religious. Bonifacio denies the accusations, saying that those are just inventions of the friars. Later that day, while walking on the street, they encounter a friend of Oriang (Pepe Herrera), begging a friar to give his salary in the polo. However, the friar refuses and instead makes derogatory remarks towards the man. Then he is shot by one of the Spanish soldiers.

Bonifacio and Oriang's relationship develops and they finally marry after Oriang’s parents gave their approval. Then while recruiting additional katipuneros, Bonifacio finds out that Teodoro and Nonay Bonifacio are lovers. On the following day, a mayor named Emilio Aguinaldo becomes one of the new recruits of the Katipunan.

In the present, the museum curator decides to guide the students towards the truth about Bonifacio to enlighten them amidst the wrong historical information in their textbooks.


• Robin Padilla as Andres Bonifacio

• Vina Morales as Gregoria de Jesus / Oriang

• Eddie Garcia as Museum of Philippine Political History curator

• Daniel Padilla as Joaquin

• Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Andrea

• RJ Padilla as Gary



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